Thanks To Hillsdale

The Springfest Health Fair And Hillsdale Farmers Market Made A Good Day Great


It started with a blank slate, or blank parking lot.

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Portland Mole Removal

Dr. Elaine Gillaspie, Portland Wellness Centeraesthetic

How many remember when you were pregnant, or your significant others were pregnant?

Didn’t the world seem full of pregnant women?

They were everywhere and you were part of it.

Then you had your baby and you didn’t notice as many pregnant women.

Instead you saw a million kids.

They were always there, and they still are, but when your kids eased through the ranks you saw them all for the first time.

You remember songs and television shows from each period you lived through.

If you open an album from the non-digital days and notice the same thing in shot after shot, maybe it’s time for a change. [Read more…]

Hot Weather Hydration

What Is The Most Important Part Of A Hot Day?



Portland’s own Benson Bubbler.

Be sure and carry a sip of water and drink before you feel thirsty. Read this interesting post on what to carry your sip of water in.

Cheers from the Portland Wellness Center.

Hillsdale’s Front Door

A Sunday Celebration On Cinco de Mayo

Hillsdale Farmers Market Fans

Hillsdale Farmers Market Fans

Nothing welcomes our warm weather better than the rainbow of colors you find in fresh vegetables and local fruit.

On this side of Portland that means opening day for the Hillsdale Farmers Market.
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