Specialties & Programs of Dr. Elaine Gillaspie


Show you the path to vitality and how to stay healthy (once you feel the results of health and vitality you will want to improve even more).

Helping you stay on path and follow the basic health principles (when you recognize the guideposts you will stay on track).

Teach you how to be accountable for your health (accountability is a choice you learn to make).

Help you make progressive improvements in you and your family’s health (setting an example of health for others helps them learn).

Wellness checkups for all members of the family (early detection is key to treatment).

Develop your resistance to reduce disease and illness (good health practices are a shield).


Regular wellness checkups are an important part of your health (a cycle of wellness is the best defense against a cycle of illness).

All age groups of the family should participate (family history is important in anticipating health problems).

Wellness checkup for children including allergies, ear infections, and ADD (early treatment is essential to managing good health practices).

Wellness checkups for adolescents for their specific needs including diet help, skin problems, depression, and educating on basic health principles (the transition to adulthood is smooth with fewer chronic problems).

Wellness checkups for middle age: check BP, glucose, cholesterol, hormones, treating perimenopausal, hypertension, and fatigue (learning to work with a good health routine is better than learning to live with breaking down).

Wellness checkups for elderly: including nutritional deficiency, digestive disorders, and diabetes (getting a handle on chronic problems is a good way to enrich life at every stage).


The healing power of nature can help one to learn, to feel, and maintain vitality.

Wellness as an expression of balance: Support a strong infrastructure/foundation of health.

  • Keep the body clean
  • Clean water and air
  • Rest
  • Healthy food and nutrients
  • Movement and stretching


When our immune system works more efficiently, we have less allergies and inflammation.

By following the basic health principle which are fresh air and water, rest, healthy food and nutrients, you can help fight common health issues.

  • Allergies: many diseases can be related to allergies, such as asthma,
    hay fever (runny nose, congestion), ear infections, migraine headaches, and rashes.
  • Inflammation: the ‘itisis,’ such as arthritis, gingivitis, gastritis, or colitis.
    Inflammatory disease also includes autoimmune diseases such as Chrons Dx, lupus, or multiple sclerosis.
  • Diabetes: because it affects our body’s ability to turn food into energy, (absorptive), it effects every cell in our body. Eat less bad fats and sugars.
  • Cancer: when the body’s elimination system does not work well, and the body is exposed to a toxic overload (absorptive) without being a strong and nutrient-filled body, then add time, and cells become abnormal. Cancer is abnormal and invasive cells.
  • Heart Disease can be prevented by increasing absorption of nutrients
    and decreasing the intake of the bad fats, sugars, and toxins.


Improving Resistance to Disease and Illness.


  • Natural Hormone Analysis – Work-up and treatment for men and women
  • Natural Childbirth support and delivery
  • Natural Detoxification – Cascade Rejuvenation Program
  • Allergy Support
  • Improve immune function
  • Improve intestinal balance in the gut