Portland Health Hike

Walking The Eastbank Esplanade

The best part of Portland in the summer is getting outdoors.

Of all the choices, the Eastbank Esplanade river walk stands out.

What is it about walking beside a working river that makes exercise an adventure? The bridges lifting for tall tugs? The exotic boats in Riverplace Marina? Or the city view from the east bank.

Visitors to Portland rave about the ambiance and the beauty. Don’t let them get have all the fun. Summer means it’s time to get a move on.

A recent poll listing the most fit cities in America saw Portland coming in third place behind Minneapolis – St. Paul at the top, followed by Washington D.C. The rest of the cities in order: San Francisco, Denver, Boston, Sacramento, Seattle, Hartford, San Jose, Austin, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, San Diego, Raleigh, N.C., Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, Va., Cleveland, and Richmond, Va. [Read more…]

Hot Weather Hydration

What Is The Most Important Part Of A Hot Day?

(courtesy flickr.com)

(courtesy flickr.com)

Portland’s own Benson Bubbler.

Be sure and carry a sip of water and drink before you feel thirsty. Read this interesting post on what to carry your sip of water in.

Cheers from the Portland Wellness Center.

Hillsdale’s Front Door

A Sunday Celebration On Cinco de Mayo

Hillsdale Farmers Market Fans

Hillsdale Farmers Market Fans

Nothing welcomes our warm weather better than the rainbow of colors you find in fresh vegetables and local fruit.

On this side of Portland that means opening day for the Hillsdale Farmers Market.
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