Sodium Intake Study

Italian Research Finds Little Surprise


New findings uncovered by Professor Pasquale Strazzullo and his team in Naples show overweight/obese study participants use more salt than normal sized people.

If you love Italian food and move to Italy, you might gain weight.

If you love Italian food and move to Manhattan’s Little Italy for the cuisine, you’d have the same problem.

But too much dietary sodium is not just an Italian problem.

Are you surprised to learn that 50% of all Americans are either age 51 or older, African Americans, and people with hypertension, diabetes, or chronic kidney disease? Dietary Guidelines for Americans say they need to reduce their sodium intake for optimal health.

At the same time, reducing sodium intake too much may have adverse health effects. If it seems confusing and you’d like to make dietary changes, be proactive and make an appointment for a health and diet review. Naturopathic doctors understand the connection between a better diet and better health.

Do you know how much salt you use every day?

It’s not printed on the bag they hand you from the drive-thru. It’s in the fine print on the side of the box you open, but what does it mean?

Sodium is never mentioned on the vegetables you buy from places like the Hillsdale Farmers Market. Eat organic produce and you won’t worry about pesticides and fertilizers either.

With no salt added to your food, you control the amount instead of an anonymous corporate marketer focusing on food preservation and delivery rather than health benefits.

That’s where you make the decision.