Walking The Walk

Another View On The Benefits Of Regular Exercise


Do you walk for half an hour three times a week?

Have you joined a gym for dance aerobics?

You’ve always been a hardcore weightlifter?

Choose any of the above and it’s still a struggle.

If you know people who say they exercised enough in their thirties and forties to tie them over, they need a booster.

If you have someone in your life more dedicated to their lounge chair than a dusty treadmill, do this demonstration:

Fill a jar with water and add two scoops of dirt. Then shake it and pour it out.

After that, do the same thing, but this time don’t shake before pouring it out.

Notice how much dirt stays in the jar each time.

Exercise is the shaker for your circulation and metabolism and helps remove waste from your body. Carry around too much waste and your body, your jar, stays dirty.

Too much waste creates the sediment that clogs blood vessels. Your organs take on a sluggish level of functioning.

After the demonstration, leave the jar of muddy water on the dinner table as a conversation starter.

And a motivator.